About the Artist

I have always enjoyed giving people the ability to see their imagination come to life in the form of tangible art.  I create art for people who would like to see their ideas realized in the medium of their choice. I enjoy Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Vinyl Creations (t-shirts and crafts), up cycling bottles into artwork and much more. My body of work has ranged from paintings, to murals and everything in between. I have painted store fronts for local businesses. I have created countless t-shirts for individuals and large groups. I designed logos for companies out of state and locally. I worked on movie sets, doing special effects make-up and costumes. I create hand painted gifts, and also using vinyl I made many personal gifts. I have painted murals on walls and designs on floors and furniture. I even made incense burners, ashtrays, sculptures, and wall hangings. the list of what I have done is extensive and varied in mediums. I simply enjoy seeing others enjoy their ideas come to life.